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Personality Traits and Leadership

Certain personality traits are positively related to leader effectiveness and team performance. These personality traits include surgency, emotional stability, conscientiousness, and agreeableness. Even though there are no universal personality traits that are predictors of leader effectiveness in all situations, some … Continue reading

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Relationship Between Leadership and Personality

This is the start of a series of blog posts addressing the relationship between leadership and personality. Considerable research has been conducted into this relationship and has produced intriguing insight into subject, correlation between leadership and personality, and direction for … Continue reading

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Moral Leadership

There seems to be considerable attention focused on the moral attributes of leaders such as honesty, integrity, compassion, and courage.  O’Toole (1996) describes this phenomenon as “values-based leadership” and posits that good ethics and morality directly influence a person’s leadership … Continue reading

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Leadership and Management

  Although all managers perform the traditional management functions of planning, organizing, staffing, controlling and directing, it seems that the higher the management level within an organization the more important it is for the manager to practice a greater degree … Continue reading

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Leadership Characteristics

 From ancient time to the postmodern period, theorists have produced a wide array of personal characteristics and skills in their effort to define an ideal leader. Early period attributes related to a leader being a singular source of authority and … Continue reading

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The Concept of Leadership

There are a myriad of leadership definitions and they vary in complexity. For instance, Dwight Eisenhower made a simple, pragmatic definition when he stated, “Leadership is the ability to decide what is to be done, and then getting others to … Continue reading

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Considerations for Successful Innovation Management

In an ambitious, global environment it is important for businesses to achieve competitive advantages that can enable their organization to earn better than average returns. Competitive advantage can be achieved by possession of important assets, control of natural resources, or … Continue reading

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Government Policy and Poverty Reduction

I recently read the IMF article, “Macroeconomic Activity and Poverty Reduction,” and found it quite revealing regarding the sources of poverty. I frequently thought of the countries of North Korea, Somalia, and Ethiopia while reading the article especially relative to … Continue reading

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Fundamental Considerations of Electronic Commerce

  Electronic commerce (EC) is a relatively recent phenomenon in the history of business with the term first appearing in business vocabulary in the 1970s. EC became possible by the proliferation of inexpensive information technology (IT) devices and reliable telecommunication … Continue reading

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The Auburn Creed

Today I discovered the creed of Auburn University and was stirred by its lucid, sensible message.  In my opinion, words such as these can help guide us to lead  more fruitful, productive lives and should be shared with friends and … Continue reading

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